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31 Oct

Before I start, I have no problem saying Kingdom Manga is among the best manga that I've ever read.

This manga likes a stunt with all the extraordinary writing, breath-taking actions, and the pages turning strength, you would think this manga would be popular. I'm gonna tell you how truly fantastic this show is.

To provide a cliff-notes version of what this story is all about. We've Got an Orphan boy named Shin that has a dream of becoming the best He goes through many a battle with his Closer to his dreams of unifying China and becoming the best general ever.

Really makes a series unique is the way that it develops its characters and brilliantly. Standard story beats follow the authentic historical timeline, this series is So the Story follows Shin and his very best friend Sei, the present king.

Battles which were key for the state of Qin's unification conquests of China. Something which coincides with the dreams of its primary cast. This A number of the most intense and nail biting I've ever seen done in an entertainment medium. Usually when you watch war conflicts in movies or other in a mindless blaze of glory as we watch the main characters cut down swathes of enemies in heroic fashion.

While there's nothing wrong with that and can be quite entertaining if done correctly, it never truly sat right with me. It seemed like they were missing a key and important element in warfare that nearly never Gets represented in different narratives, which is STRATEGY and TACTICS. While many might bore you in the lead up to the battle with superficial Scrubs type dialogue Full of meaningless "strategic" mumble jumbo that doesn't really mean anything or is even followed up on during the Battle itself; Kingdom is the 1 series that actually incorporates strategic and tactical warfare and manages to weave it into its Narrative that feels equally enjoyable and engaging in a manner that glues you to the page, eagerly excited for what happens next.

The way Kingdom shows warfare in its storyline is the most unique and is Something that actually sets this series apart and makes it special. Each major story arc is based around a large scale campaign which, from beginning to end is a strategic chess match between both opposing generals. A campaign in Kingdom can cover many aspects of warfare from siege battles, guerilla warfare, and just straight up pitch battles where each side faces off against each other on an open plain.

For a series which relies on the success and excitement of each battle, it pulls it off really well. Every campaign arc feels uniquely exceptional, Exciting, and tense whilst creating the characters and subject of this manga throughout. Something That keeps each battle different and unique is its emphasis on how much the battle relies on each sides general. In this series, a general isn't just some random guy who motivates his troops and gives basic orders. Each general in the series has a unique characteristic and styles of warfare which never feels the same as any other.

Each general approaches a battle differently which is among the many things that keep the reader on his toes, never knowing what's gonna happen next. If you read/watched Hunter x Hunter, then you'll absolutely Really like this element of Kingdom. Because just like that series, this mangaka knows how to capture the tactical nuance that involves two Extremely intelligent individuals with unique approaches to battle trying to figure each other out. While Kingdom doesn't have crazy Abilities or interesting super powers, the author does a wonderful job of capturing the different approaches each general brings to the battlefield. So, If you'd like to manga and want some epic manga to read, then I highly recommend this masterpiece. Give it a shot and see it yourself!

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